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Catering Menu

Thanks for inquiring about our catering services.  Cowboy Bar & Grill is the restaurant adjacent to the Felton Guiled  The following will provide you with the information and generic pricing for your event.  This information is based on parties of 75 or more guests.  Prices will be adjusted for parties less than 75.

Please.... familiarize yourself with the final section of the guide for "IMPORTANT INFORMATION".  This will address FAQ's; Payment/ Deposit schedules, policies and more fun stuff.

better understood now than later

The following Guide and pricing is for Buffet Style Service.  Jim is looking forward to assisting you with the following:

1st Acknowledge your budget and comfort zone.  Go over the different sections of this guide and understand how they work.  Set your RSVP reply date for at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

2nd Establish the timeline for your day

3rd Take a look at the menu building process, buffet and appetizers and discussion of how to set up your soft beverages and bar

4th Set Up and Break Down, Linen- Colors, utensils and linens

5th Provide lawn diagram illustrating placements for tables

Jim looks forward to helping out with any and all of these steps.


The sections ahead details Mains, Greens, Sides, Appetizers, Beverages, Set Up & Break Down/cleanup.

Start by choosing a "Main".  This displays your base price for Buffet.  Included is your choice of one item from the "Greens" section, one item from "Sides" section and your choice of bread.

The second price listed refers to an item as an additional "MAIN".  (more expensive item dictates base price.  Example if we desire Filet of beef and chicken our Buffet price would be $38 + $8 = $46)